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Die-skiner machine , EDM machine, Eroding machine - 1000000€

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CMAX Type of EDM machine , able to control 6 axes [C axis(3R or EROWA) . Rotary table(A. B axis)], automatic tool changer is availble[4 tools. 6 tools 8tools 12 tools 16tools 20 tools] , 1. Highly rigid structure. 2. Tough cast iron with quenched treatment to ensure machine bench's precision and steadiness. 3. Heat treated work bench surface featuring high hardness and wear resistance. 4. Three axes with optical scale of 0.001 mm resolution. 5. Software, hardware and mechanical limit for multiple protection and high mechanical safety. 6. Feedback servo absorption system for reduced inertia and improved servo machining steadiness. Together with high rigidity bench this machine features more stable large mold surface machining servo and more uniform machining surface. 7. High speed machining circuit capable of fast and super fine machining for workpieces of different substances including nut molds (HRA88 or above), titanium, aluminum, and steel molds. 8. Micro-computer coke detector to monitor and rapidly block abnormal arc wave during machining as well as to ensure machining safety and mold quality. 9. Machining in IPS586, 32bit, CF card, 128MB and 3D motion modes. 10. Multi-stage machining up to 999 stages. 11. Features multiple comprehensive functions including: multi-level chip removal height, time based machining completion setup, completion percentage setup, original track reverse trip, coke activated mold return, error message and log during machining for troubleshooting and maintenance. 12. Offline machining file editing function . 13. Electronic hand wheel assisted mold calibration and shift for easy and fast operation . 14. Up to 100 coordinates groups (A01~A100). 15. Up to 999 machining parameters S codes (S01~S999). 16. Auto P codes editing in accordance with substance including: copper VS. steel, graphite VS. steel, graphite VS. aluminum, graphite VS. titanium, copper VS. copper, steel VS. steel, graphite VS. tungsten steel, copper VS. tungsten steel, and copper VS. aluminum. 17. Multiple axial machining including: XY Z-, XY Z+, YZ X-, YZ X+, ZX Y-, and ZX Y+. This enables full dimension machining together with E code (and optional C and A/B axis accessory). 18. The E code features 2D, 3D, straight line shift positioning, mold calibration, compensation, tool replacement, linear spiral, equal-gap dome, cylindrical track, circle track gradient spiral circle, diagonal loop, intra- and extra-circle sphere machining, square/round taper, ZC Star reaming, multi round holes, incremental displacement, multi square holes, multi linear holes, and bottom inclination machining. 19. The E code graphical preview function displays machining path 20. Features track machining function 21. OB machining mode: XYZ/XT/XZY/XZ/YZX/YZ/matching circle/square/concentric circle/concentric square/union jack pattern/cross/hexagonal Agent wanted. Please visit our webiste :http://oscarmax.global-manufactureronline.com/product/edm-machine-s500-cmax-1.html for more information.  [youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=GplVaqNkE2g]

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