KORG Pa3X Arranger Workstation Keyboard (76-Key)....1000EUR Hamburg Grosshandel Restposten 1000€

KORG Pa3X Arranger Workstation Keyboard (76-Key)....1000EUR - 1000€

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Musical Instruments Center is known all over the world, we sell to our customers at

favorable prices and we are known for best in our supply's.. we deal on all types, brands

and model of Musical Instrument

KORG Pa3X Arranger Workstation Keyboard (76-Key)....1000EUR
Korg Pa800 - Professional..600 EUR
Korg Pa2X Pro Keyboard....800EUR
Korg Pa50..310 EUR
Korg ZERO4 Live Control Mixer..450 EUR
Korg KM-402 4-Channel KAOSS DJ Mixer..210 EUR
Korg ZERO8 Live Control Console Mixer..520EUR
Korg Pa1X Pro: 550 EUR

Yamaha Motif XS8 88-Key Keyboard 840.00 EUR
Yamaha Tyros2 61 Key Keyboard 650.00 EUR
Yamaha Tyros3 61 Key Keyboard 790.00 EUR
Yamaha Tyros4 61 Key Keyboard 980.00 EUR

Pioneer DJM 800..510 EUR
Pioneer DJM-700..390EUR
Pioneer DJM-600..305 EUR
Pioneer DJM-500..290 EUR
Pioneer DJM-400..175EUR
Pioneer DJM-1000.970 EUR

Other Models are also Available.
Serious and interested buyers please contact us

Email: musicalinstrumentscenter@gmail.com
Website: www.musicalinstrumentscenter.page.tl

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